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Clinician of the Future

Clinician of the Future

The pace of change in healthcare is accelerating around the world. Global healthcare is on the path to a fundamental shift away from focusing on illness towards a total health, patient-centered, digital approach to wellbeing. Doctors and nurses working in healthcare systems around the world are changing the way they learn and work, the way they understand health and the way they collaborate with patients.
Elsevier Health conducted the Clinician of the Future study in partnership with Ipsos to hear directly from doctors and nurses, to shed light on the challenges and trends they are facing, and to identify the ways we can support them now and in the future.
Our aims included listening to their experiences, helping give voice to their concerns and importantly, where we can, acting on the issues and opportunities they have told us.
At Elsevier we have supported clinicians for more than a century by providing trusted, evidence-based content and clinical solutions. Today, our global Health organization supports students, educators, librarians and healthcare professionals in advancing science and improving health outcomes through information, decision tools and analytics.
In this report, you will gain meaningful insights from thousands of doctors and nurses around the world, as well as experts and key opinion leaders in the USA, UK and China. They have shared with us the many changes impacting their work and the key areas that they require greater support and advancement in, among them data analytics, digital health technologies and improving empathy and communications with patients. We thank them sincerely for participating in this study and sharing their invaluable perspectives.
We are committed to working closely with them, as well as with educational institutions, medical societies, and healthcare organizations to build a roadmap that strengthens critical skills on the use of health data and digital technologies and enables doctors and nurses to be better prepared for the changes expected in healthcare. Collectively we have an opportunity to empower clinicians at every phase of their educational and professional journey with the right skills and they can use
to advance patient care.
By working together with doctors and nurses to understand what they will need in the future, Elsevier Health can continue to fulfil its role and support the medical community, ultimately helping to reach the goal we all share: to improve every patient outcome.
Jan Herzhoff
President, Elsevier Health

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